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Project Description

With the wholehearted support of the City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium and after more than a decade of planning, SMHC has developed a joint venture agreement with Mercy Housing California (MHC) to build Westbrook Plaza.

SMHC and MHC are jointly developing the land as a mixed-use project combining – in one location – affordable housing for the working poor and affordable outpatient primary health care services. SMHC and MHC will each fund its own portion of the project.

This innovative project will bring affordable housing and accessible, quality healthcare together “under one roof” for this fast growing, yet underserved region of the Bay Area. We will break ground for the new facility in early 2007 and we plan to complete construction mid-2008.

Westbrook Plaza will be located on 7th Street between Howard and Folsom streets and consist of a five-story, 50’ building on 7th Street with three levels of housing over the two-level community health clinic. An additional four-story, 40’ residential building is designed for Moss Street, a side street that runs along the rear of the site. There will be a mid-block courtyard between the two structures, and subsurface parking under the entire lot for the clinic and housing residents.

Westbrook Plaza will include:


  • A 20,000 square foot community health clinic

  • Approximately 48 units of affordable housing for low-income families

  • A common room and other service spaces associated with the housing

  • A small pharmacy

  • Subsurface parking

The new and expanded community health center will:


  • include 8 new additional exam rooms to accommodate increased demand and more efficient patient flow

  • consist of a total of 5 dental operatories to meet a local demand for more dental services

  • provide on-site space for supplemental health care services, i.e. health education, social services, HIV/AIDS case management services, and on-site space for all administrative functions


The new and expanded community health center will enable SMHC to:


  • respond to the increasing and urgent health care needs of the South of Market neighborhood community

  • ensure the safety of our patients and staff

  • bring together — under one roof — the medical program and all administrative personnel

  • provide a cost-effective way to manage all healthcare and administrative programs


When the new health center opens in 2008, SMHC will serve twice as many patients as it does today - doubling its current patient visits from 20,000 to 40,000 a year.

SMHC will continue to serve its target population of low-income and medically underserved residents within the South of Market community. However, new and expanded service programs and improved access will attract a broader number of groups who live in the area, including working families, adult men, women, children and older adults.



The Westbrook Project:

This exciting public-private partnership is named in honor of Elouise Westbrook – a woman whose legacy and reputation as a tireless advocate and activist for affordable and accessible housing and healthcare services for the poor is recognized both locally and nationally. We are honored she has agreed to lend her name to this project so that we may recognize her many significant contributions to our community and our country.
To find out more about ways to support the Westbrook Plaza project, call Marilyn Griffin, Director of Planning and Development, at (415) 503-6000.